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WORKSHOP 29. - 30. april 2014

Hotel Hesselet

Coding in Delphi

Nick Hodges  

Nick Hodges has been a part of the Delphi community from the very beginning.  He is an original Delphi 1 beta tester, a former member of TeamB, an Advisory Board member for the annual Borland Conference, a frequent conference speaker, a blogger and author of numerous articles on a wide range of Delphi topics.  

Nick has a BA in Classical Languages from Carleton College and an MS in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School.  In his career he has been a busboy, a cook, a caddie, a telemarketer (for which he apologizes), an Office Manager, a high school teacher, a Naval Intelligence officer, a software developer, a product manager, and a software development manager. In addition, he is a former Delphi Product Manager and Delphi R&D Team Manager.  
He lives with his family in Gilbertsville, PA.  



Dette forårs Workshop kommer til at handle om nogle forskellige udviklingsparadigmer, alt sammen med Delphi som omdrejningspunkt. Samt nogle specifikke Delphi ting som livebinding i Firemonkey, RTTI og hands on med DUnitX til test af sine Delphi projekter.

Alle tilmeldte til Dapug Workshop forår 2014 vil omkring 1. april modtage Nick Hodges eBog "Coding in Delphi" vederlagsfrit.
Der er afsat noget tid tirsdag formiddag til, at gennemgå udvalgte emner fra bogen. Det er en rigtig god ide, at læse bogen, og de steder man synes godt kunne bære lidt mere gennemgang noterer man ned på følgende skema:

Det er selvfølgelig ikke alle emner der bliver gennemgået, men vi kan få et indblik over hvor det halter.

  • Program


    08:00 Arrival and setup

    09:30 Welcome to Nick Hodges

    09:40 Coding In Delphi: Nick will go through his newly published book “Coding in Delphi” with concentration on topics the attendees want. It will be possible to send questions to Nick before the workshop.

    10:50 COFFEE BREAK

    11:05 Live bindings
    - Basics
    - Data binding in Firemonkey
    - Expression evaluator

    12:00 LUNCH

    13:00 MVVM – Model-View-ViewModel

    MVVM is a design pattern that separates concerns to enable modular, testable code and loosely-coupled user interfaces.

    • Introduction to MVVM -- in this section, we’ll examine a simple MVVM application that illustrates the principles of an MVVM. We’ll build an application from the ground up using the MVVM pattern to illustrate how the process works.
    • Advanced MVVM -- In this section, we’ll add Live Bindings, actions, and persistence to the MVVM application.

    14:45 COFFEE BREAK

    15:00 The “New” RTTI

    Run-time Type Information (RTTI) is information about a class that the compiler gathers and attaches to a class at compile time. That information is then retrievable and modifiable by the developer at run-time -- hence the name. At compile time, the compiler attaches information -- metadata -- about a given class to the class itself for retrieval and examination at runtime.

    Delphi has had RTTI since Delphi 1.0. It is the old RTTI that lets the Object Inspector get and set property values in the Form Designer. However, the old RTTI system was not based on classes and was a bit cumbersome to use. The old RTTI system only stored information about `published` values.

    Delphi 2010 introduced a very powerful new version of RTTI (found appropriately enough in the `RTTI.pas` unit) that provides run-time access to a class’s fields, properties, and methods as well as the parameters of those methods.

    In addition, the new RTTI means that you can attach your own runtime information to classes via attributes.

    With RTTI, you can do the following:
    • Gather information about the fields, properties, and methods of a type, including the parameters of those methods.
    • Get and set values for fields and properties
    • Invoke any method, including passing values for any number of parameters, and returning values for functions.

    16:30 Wrapup of Tuesday, and a word from Flemming Jensen from Nohau

    18:30 Drinks before dinner in Tranquebar

    19:00 DINNER

    Wednesday Day 2

    9:00 Catchup from yesterday.
    If there were any unanswered questions from yesterday, we’ll get them answered now.

    10:00 Design Patterns

    • Observer Pattern
    • Decorator Pattern
    • Factory Pattern
    • Command Pattern
    • Adapter Pattern

    Nick will go through some design patterns explain the hows and whys.

    10:30 COFFEE BREAK

    10:45 Design patterns continued

    12:00 LUNCH

    13:00 Aspect Oriented Programming

    In this session Nick will give a good and thorough introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming

    14:15 COFFEE BREAK

    14:30 DUnitX

    DUnitX is the new unit testing framework for Delphi that utilizes attributes to declare tests and test fixtures.

    16:00 Wrapup and evaluation
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    inden 25. april er prisen kr. 4.900 (kr. 5.700 hvis man ikke er medlem)

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