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WORKSHOP 25. - 26. oktober 2016

Hotel Hesselet

Danny Wind

Expanding the world of Delphi



In the two days we'll explore the expanding world of Delphi, using Beacons for micro location, Internet Of Things (IoT) to control appliances, a real-life app supporting a shipping business, a real-life app for fast patient intake at a disaster hospital, and details of the underlying tech, such as the Parallel Programming Library (PPL) and styling with FireMonkey. We'll also build an entire auctioning software suite, which can be used live after the coding is done to auction off / sell some items. This suite is complete with a VCL application, supporting apps, Datasnap servers and cloud storage, all that in sligthly less than a day.

Danny Wind is an experienced Delphi trainer, consultant and Delphi MVP. His favorite subjects are Delphi Programming, FireMonkey, User Interfaces and Threading. Meet Danny as a speaker on CodeRage, Developer Days, at SDN conferences, and Delphi events in the Netherlands or Belgium, (and now Denmark! ;-), or go to one of the Delphi training days in the Netherlands.


  • Program

    Tuesday / Day 1

    08:00 - Arrival and setup

    09:30 - Welcome

    09:45 – real-life Shipping App, used by Shippers to report back their progress
    Uses a REST server/client and ORM, where Object Data is sent in JSON format. The user interface elements were made by a designer using vector graphics.

    10:45 – COFFEE BREAK (15 min)

    11:00 – real-life Patient App, used at a hospital enabling fast Patient intake at disasters
    Uses a REST server/client with a Key-Value store. The user interface is designed for fast end-user interaction.

    12:00 - LUNCH

    13:00 – using Beacons in a Museum for micro-location aware display of information, with the Raspberry PI 3 as an Eddystone Beacon. When a visitor is close to a painting the background information is shown on his phone.

    14:00 – SHORT BREAK (5 min)

    14:05 – Beacons continued

    15:00 – COFFEE BREAK (15 min)

    15:15 – IoT and Home Automation, using Delphi and the Vera Hub to control Z-Wave wall plugs and build a customized Z-Wave component in Delphi. Use this to automate an office building or just your own home.

    16:00 – SHORT BREAK (5 min)

    16:05 – IoT continued

    17:15 - Wrap up and Q&A ?

    18:30 - Drinks before dinner ?

    19:00 - DINNER

    Wednesday / Day 2

    9:00 – Auctioneer Part 1, creating an auctioning software suite in one day
    Creating the Auction Manager software, using Interbase and the server in the cloud that we'll use later on.

    10:00 – SHORT BREAK (5 min)

    10:05 – Auctioneer Part 1 continued

    10:45 – COFFEE BREAK (15 min)

    11:00 - Auctioneer Part 2, creating an auctioning software suite in one day
    Creating the fast Auction Bidding server using REST and PPL and the Auction Bidding App to enable fast bidding on auctioned items.

    12:00 – LUNCH (1 hour)

    13:00 – Auctioneer Part 3, creating an auctioning software suite in one day
    Creating the Auction Image Data cloud storage, the Image Master app and the Auction Manager Image Display to add and display images of auctioned items.

    14:00 – SHORT BREAK (5 min)

    14:05 - Auctioneer Part 4, creating an auctioning software suite in one day
    Add micro location awareness to the App and let's do some auctioning!

    15:00 - COFFEE BREAK (15 min)

    15:15 – Parallel Programming Library (PPL) with easy usage patterns as well as some more advanced stuff as used in Auctioneer and in the real-life apps we showed yesterday

    16:10 – SHORT BREAK (5 min)

    16:15 - FireMonkey Styles, how to create styled user interfaces using vector- and bitmap-based styles in FireMonkey, shows you how to easily create customized controls

    17:00 - Wrapup and evaluation

    Additional presentation available if it all goes by too fast:

    Android Internals, accessing the Android SDK, adding a bit of Java and some other stuff that you need to know
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