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WORKSHOP 24.-25. oktober 2017

Hotel Hesselet

Daniele Teti

“Delphi in the enterprise”



Daniele Teti, forfatter af “The Delphi Cookbook” har sammenkogt en masse open source retter som han tager med til Workshoppen i Nyborg. Af færdige opensource retter er der blandt andet MVC Framework, Redis klient, STOMP klient og meget mere. Daniele har mere end 20 års erfaring med professionel udvikling, og spiller desuden guitar.
Daniele er Primus Motor ved ITDevCon, som er den største Delphi konference i Europa.
Når han ikke skriver kode, skriver han sange, eller hjælper som frivillig arbejde diverse steder.
Ind i mellem de lækre retter fra Daniele byder Hesselets køkken på andre kulinariske retter.

Daniele Teti is a software architect, trainer, and consultant with over 20 years of
professional experience. He writes code in a number of languages (Delphi, C++, Python, Go, Javascript, PHP and Java) but his preferred language for compiled native software, is Object Pascal. Daniele is an Embarcadero MVP and is a well known Delphi and programming expert in the developers' community. He's the main developer and drives the development of some very popular Delphi open source projects like DelphiMVCFramework, LoggerPro, Delphi Redis Client, Delphi STOMP Client and so on. Daniele wrote articles for the most important programming magazines in Italy and a number of on-line publications. In 2014 Daniele published the bestseller Delphi Cookbook. In 2016 the Delphi Cookbook 2nd edition repeated the success of 1st edition. Daniele wrote his first program when he was 11 year old and since then happily continues to write software almost every day. Apart from Delphi, he's a huge fan of design patterns, optimization, opensource, distributed architectures, RESTful architectures, and Android OS. Daniele has been the project manager for big enterprise projects in Italy and in Europe. When is not busy writing software or writing about programming (for job or for hobby), he likes to play guitar, write songs and do voluntary activities. Currently he is CEO & CTO of bit Time Professionals, an Italian company which offer high level consultancy, training, and development in Italy and Europe. The company specializes in high performance and critical software, web, mobile and distributed architecture. bit Time Professionals is also an Italian leader about indoor proximity solutions using beacon technology, where it provides solutions for museums, supermarkets, art galleries, fairs, and events in general. Daniele acts as a consultant and teacher for many Italian and European companies, so he travels very often around the world. Daniele is the technical director for the ITDevCon conference, the biggest European Delphi conference (www.itdevcon.it). He's also an international speaker at technical Conferences. Daniele lives in Rome, Italy, with his beloved wife Debora and their son Mattia.


  • Program

    Tuesday day 1

    08:00 – Arrival and setup

    09:30 – Welcome to Daniele

    09:40 – Real-world Linux Development with Delphi

    10:40 - BREAK

    10:50 - Real-world Linux Development with Delphi

    12:00 - LUNCH

    13:00 – DMVCFramework 3: RESTful services and much more

    14:00 - COFFEE BREAK

    14:10 - DMVCFramework 3: RESTful services and much more

    15:00 - BREAK

    15:15 - DMVCFramework 3: RESTful services and much more

    16:00 – A word from Nohau

    18:30 - Drinks before dinner in Tranquebar

    19:00 - DINNER

    Wednesday Day 2

    9:00 – The amazing Redis

    10:00 - BREAK

    10:10 - The amazing Redis

    11:00 - COFFEE BREAK

    11:10 – Analysis and searches with ElasticSearch

    12:00 - LUNCH

    13:00 - Analysis and searches with ElasticSearch

    14:00 - COFFEE BREAK

    14:10 – Using ORM in Delphi

    15:00 - BREAK

    15:10 – Logging done right; How to use and extend LoggerPro

    16:00 - Wrap up and evaluation

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    inden 19. oktober er prisen kr. 5.400 (kr. 6.200, hvis man ikke er medlem)

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