Database Application Programmers Users Group (Danish Embarcadero User Group)


WORKSHOP 20. - 21. oktober 2015

Hotel Hesselet

Jeroen Pluimers

Quality – It’s all about the quality.



Kvalittetssoftware der skal bygges med kvalitetssoftware beror i høj grad på kvaliteten af udviklerens evne til at bygge kvalitet.
Ved denne kvalitets workshop vil vi gennemgå en del kvalitetsværktøjer og principper, så den samlede kvalitet af kvalitets softwaren bliver højnet.
Megen kvalitet er overladt i hænderne på den enkelte, men ved at automatisere processerne kan den enkelte koncentrere sin kvalitetstid på at bygge kvalitetssoftware af en hel anden kvalitet.

Jeroen Pluimers:
Makes things work.
Specialist in .NET, Win32, x64, SQL, Visual Studio and Delphi.
Knows how to strike a balance between old and brand new technology to make things work.
DOS, mobile, big systems, you name it.
Married to a cancer survivor
As curator responsible for his brother that has an IQ < 50.
30+ year member of world class marching band Adest Musica.
Trained and performed the 2013 half marathon in New York.


  • Tuesday – TECH stuff

    08:00 - Arrival and setup

    09:30 - Welcome to Jeroen

    09:40 - Demonstration and working with MVVM, Spring4D, Knockoff fundamentals and Delphi Generics.

    • Get familiar with the nice things that have been introduced in the Pascal language over the last decade, and how some open source libraries use that to make your programming a lot easier.
    • Most of these are based on Generics, Interfaces, Loose Coupling, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.
    • This is a way to push business logic out of your user interface into places where test is a lot easier

    10:50 - BREAK

    11:05 Demonstration and working with MVVM, Spring4D, Knockoff fundamentals and Delphi Generics - Continued.

    • Continue and finish the morning session.

    12:00 - LUNCH

    13:00 - Continuous Integration using ContinuaCI & local command-line building techniques

    • Especially for small teams it pays off automating as much of the dull work as possible.
    • A dull part of the process often is compiling and building your program into something testable or shippable.
    • This session is about that: working with Continua CI (free when you use it on a single build system, mine runs Windows 8) and old-school batch files. You learn about essentials of building either under your own account or on a different one.
    • It also helps when switching machines: haven't we all had our main development machine crash leaving us in a state of panic.

    14:45 - COFFEE BREAK

    15:00 - Data aware controls VCL - data aware control controller

    • We go back to old-school but very important VCL: most applications use VCL and databases.
    • Based on some reusable techniques you will see how you can both make your database centric code easier as well as your user-interface cleaner while still using the familiar data ware control, datasource, dataset adagium.
    • Two important parts are a data-aware control controller, and a dataset helper.
    • As a side effect you will see how the data aware controls and data source are internally bound using data-links and learn about modularisation of your code.

    17:00 - Wrap up of Tuesday, with a message from Flemming Jensen, Nohau.

    18:30 - Drinks before dinner in Tranquebar

    19:00 - DINNER

    Wednesday Day 2 Software Quality stuff

    9:00 – FixInsight: static code analysis catching so much more than the compiler does.

    • FixInsight is a static code analysis tool which catches code issues the compiler doesn't.
    • Using it you will be amazed how much the compiler forgets to notice and how many issues your code has.
    • How often have you forgotten a parameter to a Format expression? This is only one of the things FixInsight catches.
    • You will get a FixInsight license that lasts until early November so you can let it run on your own code at the end of the block and ask questions on the why of certain things it catches.

    10:30 - COFFEE BREAK

    10:45 – TestInsight: the IDE integration of unit testing on steroids

    • Unit testing is a great way of keeping new bugs from entering a changing code base. But running them and keeping an eye on them can be tedious.
    • Unless you integrate the tooling in the IDE and have it run automagically when you code.
    • It is part of my motto "automate everything to make your life easier".
    • You will see how much faster it becomes writing tests and how easy it is to still have them run in a build system like Continua CI.

    12:00 - LUNCH

    13:00 – Highlights of Software Quality
    • Code Complete
    • Refactoring: improving the design of existing code
    • Design Patterns: elements of re-usable object oriented software
    • Some topics covered are how to essentials for writing good software, classic mistakes of writing bad software, the human factor in software development, reducing failure, emotions versus technique and processes.
    • You will do some tasks helping you shedding some light on how people actually work and cooperate.

    14:15 - COFFEE BREAK

    14:30 – Highlights of Software Quality Part 2

    16:00 - Wrapup and evaluation,

    During the sessions I will try to demonstrate the tools I use on a regular base like version control
    (I prefer DVCS like Git and Mercurial even for my one-man projects), AQTime performance profiling,
    Beyond Compare, ModelMaker Code Explorer and many many others.

    I'm a keyboard person, so you will also learn lots and lots of shortcuts and of course about console commands.

  • Prisen for WorkShop incl. overnatning på hotel og alle måltider er: kr. 5.900
  • Hvis du eller dit firma ikke er medlemmer af DAPUG er prisen kr. 6.700,-
  • Ekstra overnatning fra 19. oktober koster ca. kr. 1.150,-
  • OBS: Hvis beløbet er indbetalt på regnr. 1551 konto. 4 76 67 76
    inden 16. oktober er prisen kr. 5.400 (kr. 6.200, hvis man ikke er medlem)

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