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WORKSHOP 15. - 16. september

Hotel Hesselet

Delphi Prism

Jim McKeeth

  • My objective is to introduce experienced Delphi developers to Delphi Prism
    and a number of .NET technologies. Won't talk about syntax except for how
    it is different from Delphi Win32. It will be a workshop with a lot of
    interaction and examples.

    I generally like to get feedback from the group as we go to see what to
    cover and how deep to cover it.
  • Tuesday morning

     Introduction to Delphi Prism
     Overview of .NET
     What is Mono?
     Unique features of Prism
     Aspect Oriented Programming (Cirrus)
  • Tuesday afternoon
     ADO .NET
  • Wednesday morning
     ASP .NET
     Silverlight / WPF / Moonlight
  • Wednesday afternoon
     Compact Framework
     iPhone (MonoTouch)
  • Prisen for WorkShop incl. overnatning på hotel og alle måltider er:
    kr. 4100,- for medlemmer og
    kr. 4700- for ikke medlemmer

    Ekstra overnatning fra 14. september koster kr. 1400,-
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